Bio Sigmaman

Sigmaman is an indie composer and singer of cross-over pop. His music is a big melting-pot of electronica, folk, classical music, vocal harmonies and musical drama.

For the Out Of The Box EP, Nabil Khazzaka decided to change his stagename into Sigmaman. The album is produced by himself with audio engineer Jean-Pierre Kerkhofs from Artsound Studio (Belgium).

Prior to that EP he released the gloomy lockdown-EP The Man With The Golden Tie which links the James Bond realm to the machiavellism of certain co-workers.

His most succesful endevour so far is a cover of the Irish traditional The Moorlough Shore. Its video is set in the Ireland of the future. On YouTube it has had 3.457 views so far.

In 2012, after a couple of singles, he released the full album 'It's Hot! It's Hot! It's Hot'. It contains the best tracks from these singles and new recordings. For these tracks Sigmaman worked with a drummer, a female backing singer, a string quartet and two guitarists.

Over the years Sigmaman aka Nabil Khazzaka has both produced his own music and worked with producers. He has always been admired for his audacity and humour: musically, lyrically and visually. He likes to experiment with styles and instrumentation. Despite what the titles might suggest, I Need Girls is not about sex and Keep Your Body In Motion is about ... the laws of Newton. He played the role of the Pharaoh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and covered Born To Be Wild with a rock band, soprano and church organ during mass.