Out Of The Box Lyrics

Out of the box (Nabil Khazzaka)


You walk on the path like those before you

You do all the things that they used to do

You're scared to go off track,

to swim against the stream

Nipping in the bud

the fullfillment of your dream

Don't think black and white

Stop the pigeon-holing

To think wrong or right

is very appalling

Come on and be brave

and get out of your cave

Be blown off your socks

when you step out of the box


I'll put booby traps under your convictions

Starting from today I ban import restrictions

I'll die my hair blond, I’ll wear strange attire

Nothing is too weird to spark creative fire

I'm gonna break my neck

and go flat on my face

I will go to great lengths

to save the human race

I'm gonna twist and turn, I'll do double flips

Be blown off your socks

when I think out of the box


Don't get it wrong I need input too

My brilliant ideas don't come out of the blue

Whenever I get stuck into the tunnel view

I'd really appreciate to be inspired by you

Let's collab you and I

and create a synergy

Together we'll defy

the laws of gravity

If we let it go we'll get into the flow

See how the world rocks

When we think out of the box

Take Me Back (Nabil Khazzaka)

Take me back, take me back


I have traveled all around the world

in search of unknown ground

And boy you can’t imagine

all the things that I have found

I had a taste of everything

and it opened up my mind

But now I’d like to go back

to the things I left behind


Take me back where I belong

I want to be near my family and friends

The desire is so strong

I just cannot wait to see them all again


I have cursed the place where I came from in oh so many ways

Every temporary home

seemed to be a better place

But I faced disappointments

time and time again

I realize there’s no such thing

as a promised land


That’s Life (Nabil Khazzaka)


Sometimes I’m happy

Sometimes I’m blue

But I have to accept it

What else can I do?


Tough luck, that’s life

Sharp as a knife

Nice as your wife

as well

Don’t be afraid

You’ll be betrayed

But then repaid


Bad things can happen

Good things can too

Remember the latter

Flush the rest down the loo



Life is a blessing and life is a bitch

One day you're poor, the next you are rich

Life is a bummer but life can be great

Always keep going and never lose faith

Sometimes I’m happy

Sometimes I’m blue

But I have to accept it

What else can I do?


Questions With No Reply (Nabil Khazzaka)


Our problem was a mouse

Now it looks like a house

How could we let it get this far?

I hate the way I feel

And though the wounds will heal

You will forever see the scar


How could I say this?

Why did I do that?

And why did you take it so badly?

So many questions with no reply

That’s how it will stay until we die


We were made for each other

Now you’re back with your mother

And you don’t want to stay in touch

I guess you wish me dead

After all I’ve said

I'm sorry I hurt you so much


Take It Easy, Man! (Nabil Khazzaka)


You're not satisfied 'cause it rains everyday

You'd like a place under the sun

But knowing you, you'll never go away

so keep on dreaming of Zion

But if you'd ever go

There something that you need to know


Open up your eyes

It's time to get wise

Will you finally realize 

that this place is a paradise?

Don't you understand

this is the promise land

All you ever wished for

lies within reach of your hands

Take it easy, man!


It's the same old thing all day and every day

You keep on moaning till you drop

Now you're on your own,

your friends have gone away

But you don't seem to want to stop

When will you ever learn?

It's high time to take a U-turn


When will you ever learn?

It's high time to take a U-turn